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We offer a variety of environmentally sound washing and cleaning fluids at Northwest Oils, Tools & Abrasives. We have partnered with KYZEN, an award-winning, innovative company, to provide our customers with the most advanced and sustainable cleaning products available. KYZEN has worked since 1990 to create the most effective cleaning products on the market today. Their in-depth knowledge has allowed them to produce many different types of cleaning and washing solutions, including products such as Aquanox, Ionox, Cybersolv, and many others. KYZEN cleaners have benefited clients in a broad range of industries, including electronic assembly, aerospace, automotive, metal finishing, industrial, and tooling. Washing and cleaning fluids from KYXEN offer numerous advantages. These include aqueous cleaning solutions that work on the toughest soils while protecting sensitive electronic parts and assemblies. Many other options are available, all combining sustainable environmental practices with tough and effective cleaning.

To find out more about the washing and cleaning fluids available from KYZEN, please contact us directly.