Grooving Tools and Special Tooling

Precision manufacturers that service the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries rely on the broaching process to machine a wide range of materials for an ever growing array of applications. Whether on lathes, mills, or live broaching systems, the right tooling is the key to high productivity and repeatable quality. Maximizing ROI on the capital invested in these systems requires tooling that can optimize precision and deliver long tool life. This is why we carry a full line of broaching tools from PH Horn. PH Horn broaching systems have a reputation across the globe for high precision and long tool life, all of which is brought about by the use of innovative designs and cutting edge materials. For over 40 years, PH Horn has been refining their products to meet the ever changing challenges of modern manufacturing. This is why also offer unique tooling for every custom scenario. To learn more about these quality products, see the information on this page or contact us directly.

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