Grooving Tooling

Sumitomo turning and boring systems and PH Horn grooving tools can be found throughout manufacturing facilities that service the automotive industry. As a leading provider of tooling for many industries, at Northwest Oils, Tools & Abrasives we understand the special needs of the automotive industry, and our products lines reflect this. Some of our best sellers are the Supermini® Typ 105/11 and the Mini Typ 108 - 116 tool holders from PH Horn. The Supermini is designed to accommodate PH Horns over 1200 inserts used for chamfering, profiling, backboring, and threading. The Mini is equally as diverse and can accept a large selection of inserts for processes such as chamfer, full radius, thread, and backboring.

Sumitomo grooving tools include laydown threading holders and bars, the Sumicutoff line of solid carbide tool holders, as well as holders for on edge threading and grooving, CF and PFE grooving, and CBN threading and grooving.

Regardless of the grooving tool you need, we are sure to have the right tool at the right price when you need it. To learn more, see the information on this page, or contact us directly.

Milling Tooling

Milling is one of the most common machining processes; it lends itself well to the machining of virtually any material, from plastics to high strength super alloys. Precision tolerances and geometrically complex features are all attributes that can be obtained from modern milling systems. However, as with any subtractive machining process, the equipment is only as good at the tooling. At Northwest Oils, Tools, & Abrasives, we specialize in supporting the manufacturing needs of machine shops and the aerospace and automotive industries.

Tooling used for milling encompasses a vast array of specifications, with literally thousands of iterations to accommodate virtually any machining requirement. As a result, the tooling industry is filled with manufacturers vying for a piece of the market.

At Northwest we understand how critical is to have the best quality tooling for the job; that's why we only carry tooling from the top names in the industry, including Sumitomo, Dijet, and PH Horn. All three are world renown for product excellence, and they offer such a large array of tools that we are sure to have exact tooling you need. To learn more, see the information on this page or contact us directly.

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