Taps, Drills and Carbide Drills

At Northwest Oils, Tools & Abrasives, our success is built on providing our customers in the aerospace, automotive, medical, and machining industries with the highest quality supplies at the best value possible since 1974. This is highlighted in the drills that we carry from industry leaders such as Sumitomo and YG-1. Sumitomo drill systems exemplify world class quality, with innovative designs and robust construction. Sumitomo drill systems include MDS solid carbide, KDS brazed carbide tipped, as well as SMD replaceable head drills, and WDS indexable and WDX indexable carbide insert drills which are the mainstay for machinists everywhere; they provide rigidity and a long service life, making them ideal for long and short runs alike.

From YG-1 we offer their full line of drills, including I-Dream and the Carbide Dream drills, Multi-1 Powered Metal Drills, HSS-EX, HPD-SUS Twist drills, Morse Taper Drills, S&S, and Gold-P Drills, as well as many others. This broad selection of products fills the needs for virtually any application that requires precision tools.

To learn more about all the Sumitomo and YG-1 products we carry at Northwest, contact us directly.

In every machine shop, from the largest and most high tech manufacturer to the smallest of garage operations, taps are ubiquitous. Quality taps are essential for precision machining and manufacturing, the quality and durability of which are an important cost factor. That's why at Northwest Oils, Tools, & Abrasives we carry the full line of YG-1 taps. YG-1's long history as a provider of quality robust tooling is built on their use of innovative designs and cutting edge materials for their products. From spiral fluted and pointed taps to pipe, forming, combo, and hand taps, we carry all of the YG-1 taps that our customers use the most, including metric and unified threads.

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